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Reviews From Our Clients 


Reviews and Testimonials

At Always Take Care, we believe in providing great care for all of our clients, but don't just take our word for it. Here we have a selection of reviews. 

Everyone at ATC has been amazing. Throughout the whole process, at every stage, myself and my family experienced such a wholesome desire and willingness to help that the carers and the office team felt part of an extended family !
He adored his carers and his desire to stay at home was only made possible by those special people who came into his life and looked after him over three very happy years.
The importance of having a carer for longer periods of time is immense, a fortnightly 'turn around' [as promoted by other care companies] would have been immensely destabilising for my father.
I imagine it is a very awkward decision to make, in deciding on who to invite into your home, but quite simply ATC were life-changing for my father, and for our whole family as we took immense comfort from knowing we could genuinely trust them all. Everyone was truly compassionate, patient, fun and they really, really did - right until my dear father's last day, Always Take Care.

Fred W.




I finally have opportunity to write to you and thank you sincerely for the excellent service and care you provided for my mum during the last months of her life. Thanks to the support of you and your team, my mum was able to return to her home after a period of nursing care. This was extremely important to my mum as she was able to return to the village she had lived in for most of her life and enabled her to be close to her family and the community she was familiar with. She received excellent care from both Gilda and Jane who we cannot thank enough for everything they did.

I am so grateful for the service you provided us and I wish you every success for the future.

Rob C

It is now two months since we lost Mum and I realise that I have not written properly to you to thank you for your very kind words of condolence and for all the help ATC has given us over the years.  
You first came to our notice about 10 years ago when my cousin found you for her mother, Diana and from ‘the off’ we realised that what you were providing was exceptional.  My mother picked up how excellent the carers were and then encouraged other members of the family, when needing support to use you too.  We had used other agencies in the past when my parents were recuperating from surgery but there were always issues and the quality of care incredibly variable.  (I remember one carer from a well-regarded and expensive agency to support Dad whilst Mum was in hospital, whose one specific task was to ensure he got his epilepsy medication on time, forgot to give it to him – so you can imagine how wary we were!)    So, when it came to us deciding that it was time for my parents to start having more consistent live-in support, you were our preferred first choice and you didn’t disappoint.
Initially, the carer was mainly for my dear father who had challenging health issues and over time we stepped up the care, so for the last six months of his life we had two ATC Carers living in.  Whilst this needed considerable logistical planning, with your help and guidance this enabled him to remain at home to the end, which we knew he wanted and gave us all tremendous comfort that his wishes had been respected.  
Thereafter, we continued with you to help Mum until her passing, knowing she had a real companion, who she could easily relate to,  who could also provide personal care when required, which again was very reassuring to the family.  My mother initially wanted certain formality in the relationship with the carers however I noticed as time went by, both my parents would sometimes address them as ‘Darling’ – demonstrable affection indeed and after the initial wobbles having someone new living with them, we noticed how comfortable my parents felt.  I also felt I could trust the carers to manage the household in my absence and in the main, they were pro-active and at times even  pre-empting me!  It was also a pleasure to have carers travel with my parents abroad, enabling them into their 90s to still live their lives as fully as possible.
As you well know, our family suffered tragedy during the time you supported us, with the loss of my beloved younger sister, whilst I was still working and travelling and my other sister, living abroad.  Quite how we would have managed without your support at this devastating time I cannot imagine.  The dedication, professionalism,  genuine affection and care that the carers demonstrated to both my parents and to us was exemplary.   Inevitably over five years of using ATC, there was the occasional issue, but always dealt with empathetically and efficiently. Having worked in the field of social care for many years, I was impressed with the level of ongoing of training provided and it was telling how motivated many of the carers were in their self-development, when I would come into the house in their time off, they were studying.
Friends and family would often comment to me on how lovely the carers were and I know that further introductions and referrals have and will continue to be made to you as a consequence, which Is much deserved.    There are a few ‘stand-out’ individuals, who I won’t name here but I continue to remain in contact with and have become dear friends to our family having shared a journey with us, at times quite difficult, but in the main a happy one.   For Jackie and myself, it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience knowing that our wonderful parents, who were always caring for everyone else, themselves got the very best support through to the end of their lives thanks in part to ATC.
Fondest wishes to you and your dear Mum and all at ATC and thank you again

Trish P

An angel from Always Take Care called Gail looked after our father.  She entered Ru's world and ensured he could stay at home and continue to see his friends in his last days.  She was so sensitive to his character, attentive and selfless in her care.  His neighbours said she was amazing, and we do not have words to express our appreciation to this angel.  

Andrew R

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