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Always Take Care Quality Home Care Services 


Working With Always Take Care 

We asked one of our key staff members Rose if she would provide an account of her experience working with us. Rose is one of many of our amazing carers who believes in caring with compassion and is dedicated to delivering Care At Home of the highest standard. 


'My initial caring experience - four years - was with one of the very large Caring Agencies in the UK.  I was a number on a computer and although carers are able to communicate with their call centre personnel regarding any issues, there is never a personal one-on-one relationship established with anyone.  Carers and Clients were all 'faceless' numbers in my opinion and you made the best of wherever you were placed - usually short assignments of two to four weeks.  The carers' needs were treated in a very business-like manner in my opinion.

Then I was introduced to Always Take Care by a mutual friend.  My faith in caring was restored to the point of pride and dignity at my very first meeting!  Always Take Care do exactly what their name implies - as a carer you not only have a face, you have a place in their hearts.  I have such respect and love for each and every one at Always Take Care and am honoured to be part of their team.  Their professionalism and ethic serve all who know them.
Thank you Always Take Care for caring so deeply.' 


Always Take Care Are A Nationwide Home Care Services Provider. Providing Domiciliary Care For Those Who Wish To Stay In Their Home 

Always Take Care are an experienced and quality nationwide provider of Home Care Services. We are based in the East Midlands and service the local areas of Rutland, Oakham, Stamford, Uppingham and the surrounding areas. We also provide our homecare services further afield and can provide domiciliary care across the UK.  Caring with compassion is a key philosophy of our business. We help you to be as comfortable as possible whilst providing professional and friendly care at home. 

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